Socio-Cultural Perspectives On Alcoholism Essay

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Contemporary Perspectives on Alcoholism Pat is forty five years old and has been excessively drinking alcohol for the past twenty years. This alcohol problem has caused many problems in his/her life. Some of the problems include loss of jobs, alienation from his/her family, and blackouts that are associated with drinking. Pat’s behavior can be explained once he/she is examined through a series of different psychological perspectives. These perspectives include biological, cognitive, and socio-cultural. The biological perspective will be focusing on the role of genetics and the relationship with the brain. The cognitive perspective will be focusing on Pat’s past and how it affects his/her future. The socio-cultural perspective will be…show more content…
It is stated that “our genetics greatly determine our brain functioning” (Horvath, Misra, Epner, Cooper). Due to the alcohol abuse that is present in Pat’s genetics, one must think that the addiction might have gotten passed on to him/her. Nowadays the definition of addiction has changed compared to the past. In the past, addiction could be looked at as a result of substance abuse but now addiction is looked at as a chronic disease of the brain. Heredity is a big factor in addiction but cannot be fully responsible. In the case of alcoholism, the brain is severely altered and effects the way one thinks, act, and functions. “Alcoholism causes changes to the brain in at least four fundamental ways: 1. Alcoholism causes changes to the brain's natural balance (homeostasis). 2. Alcoholism alters brain chemistry. 3. Alcoholism changes the brain's communication patterns. 4. Alcoholism causes changes to brain structures and their functioning” (Horvath, Misra, Epner, Cooper). Many of addiction symptoms are related to the way the brain functions. The brains natural balance helps with decision making and instincts. In the case of alcoholism, if the brains natural

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