The Pros And Cons Of Electric Vehicles

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Nowadays, environmental concerns as well as the sharp rise in the price of oil spark researchers interest towards issues pertain to hybrid and electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are more efficient and versatile than their counterpart; that is, internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). Therefore, the electrification of vehicles can counteract the detrimental effects of ICEVs when in terms of environmental as well as energy issues. The new generation of electric vehicles allow interesting layout by making use of four in-wheel electric motors (IWM)[1,2]. Electric vehicles with in-wheel motors have several benefits: installing motors into the hub of the wheels offer the advantage of interior spaciousness by eliminating the transmission elements and the propulsion unit/ mechanical coupling between components such as gearbox, drive shafts and differential. As such, this…show more content…
While Antilock Brake System can avert wheel locking during braking and Traction Control System can avoid spinning of driven wheel during acceleration respectively, they are incapable of controlling the vehicle directional motion in an active way. There is an urgent need for actively controlling the vehicle directional behavior, intended to enhance vehicle stability and handling performance. This type of active safety system referred to as the vehicle stability control system, also named Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Direct yaw moment control (DYC), etc. [10-12] and normally integrated with the ABS and TCS. These mentioned stability enhancement systems are employed in order to improve vehicle lateral stability by continuous electronically monitoring of vehicle states and assist drivers in order to maintain vehicle directional control in critical

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