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You deserve a break today. Have it your way. Where’s the beef?. Iconic taglines from three of the most popular fast food restaurants. McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s are nationally and internationally known brands that are easily recognizable in any state or country by signage, food and mascot. There is a very less known fast food restaurant that only a few have been privied and relished to know over the years. Roy Rogers. At one time, Roy Rogers was a popular fast food restaurant in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region. In its prime, there were close to 650 (cite) Roy Rogers restaurants up and down the I-95 corridor until its near extinction in the 1990s. Today, Roy Rogers is trying to make a comeback and banking its success on being a nostalgic…show more content…
The company had a successful chain of full service restaurants called Hot Shoppes, which came about from their first A&W Root Beer stand started in 1927. Unfortunately, McDonald’s fast food restaurants were popping up all over the place, with lower prices and faster service, and Marriott could not compete. Deciding to give McDonald’s a run for its money, Marriott opened up Hot Shoppes Jr., which was Marriott’s version of a fast food restaurant. With the success of Hot Shoppes Jr., Marriott expanded on their restaurant portfolio by purchasing Gino’s, a small fast food chain named for Baltimore Colts football player, Gino Marchetti. Next, Marriott purchased Robees Roast Beef chain, which featured Robees roast beef sandwiches. To compete on a national level with McDonald’s, Marriott knew they needed a name for the new fast food restaurant that conveyed a wholesome, clean, all-American environment that catered to tastes and values of hard working Americans. That’s when Bob Wain, the founder of Bob’s Big Boy restaurants (acquired by Marriott in 1968) suggested the company team up with legendary cowboy and movie star Roy Rogers (Marriott, 2013, para.…show more content…
being converted into Roy Rogers restaurants. Marriott owned Roy Rogers from 1968 to 1990 when it sold the chain to Hardee’s. At the time Marriott sold the chain there were close to 650 (cite) restaurants. Roy Rogers collapsed under Hardee’s ownership in the 1990s going from 650 stores to less than 50. In 2002, brothers Jim and Pete Plamondon, sons of co-creator and past chain owner Peter Plamondon, bought the chain back to try and bring the restaurant back to its glory days and beyond. The goal is to double its portfolio to over 100 stores within five years, opening four to six stores a year. The challenge now is bringing awareness to a fast food restaurant that has been non-existent for over 20 years. The brothers are investing in regional advertising like radio spots and billboards (Kaiser, 2015, para. 5-10). Word-of mouth marketing has also part of the equation because when a new Roy Rogers opens up it draws a lot of attention and customers, both past and new (cite NJ article The love and loyalty customers have for Roy Rogers goes back to its simple philosophy of wholesome goodness, food made to order and the famous Roy Roger’s fixin’ condiment

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