Baggage Carousel System In Airasia Airport

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A baggage carousel is a system that transport checked luggage to the passengers at the baggage claim area in the airport. There are two types of baggage carousel system, such as single-level system and multilevel system. Most AirAsia airports have the single-level baggage carousel system. In a single-level system, the belt will deliver bags into the terminal from an opening in the wall. The belt generally runs along the wall for a short distance and then turns into the terminal forming a long oval that allows many passengers to access the belt. The belt continues back to the loading area through a second opening in the wall. The flight information display system (FIDS) is used in the AirAsia airport to display flight information to passengers.…show more content…
The CUSS can be used by several participating airlines in a single terminal. AirAsia airport uses millimeter wave scanner which is an input device to detect objects concealed underneath a person’s clothing by using a form of radiation through electromagnet. This technology is typically used for detection of items for commercial loss prevention, smuggling and screening at government buildings and airport security checkpoints. AirAsia airport has the scanner for security screening.The full body scanner in AirAsia airport is used for body imaging. The millimeter wave scanners themselves come in two varieties: active and passive. The scanner used in AirAsia airport is passive scanner system. Passive systems create images using only ambient radiation and radiation emitted from the human body or objects. The AirAsia airport used the electronic ticket system because it is a more efficient method for ticket entry, processing and marketing when a reservation is made. AirAsia airline keeps a record of the booking in its computer reservations system. Customers can purchase ticket online through self-service kiosk or their own…show more content…
AirAsia therefore use APS system is used to improve AirAsia’s strategic and operational performance, classifies and clusters orders from customer, and checks resources availability.The airline reservations system was one of the earliest changes to improve efficiency. ARS eventually evolved into the computer reservations system (CRS). A computer reservation system is used for the reservations of a particular airline and interfaces with a global distribution system (GDS) which supports travel agencies and other distribution channels in making reservations for most major airlines in a single system. is a New Zealand-based software company with a presence in Australia, Malaysia and Canada. The team has more than 50 years collectively in designing, developing and delivering innovative software to the aviation sector. The business continues to rapidly expand its product foot-print in a diverse range of airline operations around the world.The system,, optimizes AirAsia’s aircraft and crew utilization, making it possible for the airline to further improve its on-time performance and minimize costs, among

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