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Maria Vasquez Summarized Bibliography Smith, Lamar. "NASA Should Be about Space." San Antonio Express-News. Express-News, 19 May 2015. Web. 29 Sept. 2015. Due to a reduced budget in NASA’s space exploration program, NASA is unable to send people into space. The Obama Administration plays a role in this, cutting NASA’s budget to give money to earth science programs. Texas is the home to the NASA space center and they are attempting to increase the amount of money they receive. They plan on doing this in order to continue exploring space and for helping our future in the education if this field. Davenport, Christian. "NASA Prepares for Giant Leap into Privatized Space Travel." Standard-Examiner. The Washington Post, 17 Aug. 2014. Web. 29…show more content…
The three companies wanting to send their shuttle into space are SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, and Boeing. They all have different reasons on why their shuttles should be the ones certified. From having less expenses, to saving materials, NASA is still trying to decide. But the real question in the article was to whether or not allow America to build shuttles and send people once again to space. Throughout the years since the last time America sent a space shuttle, people have been going into Russia and getting a seat onto one of their shuttle’s for 70 million dollars. Wall, Mike. "Space Station Puts Out Welcome Mat for Private Spaceships." Scientific American Global RSS., 29 July 2011. Web. 29 Sept. 2015. This study includes the details of SpaceX and Orbital Sciences with their upcoming space shuttles. SpaceX’s shuttle is named Dragon while Orbital Sciences is going with Cygnus. Both of these shuttles are being tested to see if they are any use to NASA and if they can help in a way. They will take flight to the ISS and back and see if they make it. If any of these shuttles can go to the ISS and back, they will most likely be certified by NASA. When they get certified, people may be able to ride them too. Then America can stop paying for seats on the Russian shuttles. Hudgins, Edward L. "Time to Privatize NASA." Cato Institute. Baltimore Sun, 26 Jan. 1998. Web. 29 Sept.

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