Annotated Bibliography: Lee Hirsch And Cynthia Lowen

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Annotated Bibliography Spencer Parsons Logsdon English Bully. Dir. Lee Hirsch and Cynthia Lowen. Perf. Ja'Meya Jackson and Kelby Johnson. IMDB, 2011. Documentary. In this film, bullying is exposed in schools across the nation. The pain and suffering attached with this growing problem are shown through the lives of many children, and it is clear that these issues are not being taken care of. Because the school systems are slacking in their efforts to combat bullying, the parents are forced to take matters into their own hands. It starts with a young boy named Tyler Long, who was teased and bullied to the point of suicide. When his parents, in their time of grief, saw the school brush this matter off their shoulders, they began to fight back.…show more content…
The Bully Project works hard to protect children, but I believe that more can be done. I feel that the state governments should implement laws, and heavily enforce them, to combat bullying. Bully, Anti -. "Bullying and Suicide." Web log post. - Bullying Statistics. Infolinks, 2013. Web. 26 June 2015. This article outlines the overwhelming statistics linked between bullying and suicide, and gives major cause for action against in-school bullying. Parents and state officials need to learn from these statistics, that bullying isn’t just part of being a kid anymore. It is a serious problem that comes with life-threating situations. According to the CDC, 4,400 young people die annually from suicide, and it is the third leading cause of teenage death. To further amplify those numbers, 14% of students in high school have thoughts of suicide, and 7 percent make actual attempts of suicide. With these numbers taken into account, victims of bullying are 5 times more likely to commit suicide than the average teen, according to a study at Yale University. Similarly, a separate study in Britian showed that bullying or related actions are the cause of half of the suicides among…show more content…
It may be in fact difficult to bully someone face to face, but hiding behind the anonymity mask of social media makes it easy to say whatever you want because you think no one can touch you. Cyberbullying causes just as much harm, and this book is terrific at including when parents, educators, and victims need to intervene under both bullying circumstances. Again, this is a more in-depth process, but steps like these, are a step in the right direction to end bullying. Overall, author Emily Bazelon gives us a great idea of what bullying is and isn’t. This is important because before we go at bullying with full force, we must know truly how to define it and spot it in any given

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