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Art Paper Giorgio De Chirico painted a surrealist and partially cubist oil painting known as “Hector and Andromache” between 1917. The artist was moved by those movements thus affecting most of his artwork done in the 20th century. The painting was painted on oil canvas, the painting was also influenced by a movement called cubist movement. Giorgio used many different elements to create this piece, it seems as a lot is going on in the piece within the two people. Lines and triangular figures are the elements of design along with rectangular figures in the background. The contrary on the other piece by Max Ernst named “Eloge de la liberte (In Praise of Freedom) 1926. The piece is more simplistic and more calm the artist uses line and contrast…show more content…
The lines in the midground of the piece seem to be a backbone to the two people in the foreground of the piece. The dark shadows are proof the piece is three dimensional and the buildings in the background. As the second piece is also to the human eye a piece that can be seen from a three dimensional perspective but not as much as the other. Max uses the contrast of dark colors to show the dimensions of the artwork and also uses more neutral tones, such as black and white and dark brown. The focal point on the second piece is the bird which is pitch white, the artist used this to draw the viewer's eye into the art. The color white in art means purity and is a symbol in the piece, the darker colors set a calm mood to the piece. Max uses positive and negative too contrast the darkness of the woods and jungle feeling and uses the positive tone of the white bird to draw in the eye. Both pieces were close around to the same century, the surrealist movement took place during this time and was a big moment for artists such as these. The effect of the surrealist movement impacted mostly the “Hector and Andromache” due to the artwork being made up different shapes and everyday items to create two lovers. The piece explains how the figure on the left is a woman due to the shapes used are more curved and the light is being struck on her to create a sense power. The midground also shows shapes curving emphasizing the hair of the woman, now on the man the shapes create a bigger chest and more manly tone. The light and contrast gives the piece a sense of who is in control and what is being told in the piece. Giorgio also uses space to show how the piece is using foreground, midground, and background. The sense between using space it to emphasize the buildings in the background and show the dominance of the two people in the foreground of the piece. The other piece does not use a those

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