Wakatsuki Family Fear Analysis

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Fear Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston & James D. Houston. Bridget Strachan, 2007 The fear of the Japanese family, according to Farewell to Manzanar, the Wakatsuki’s family, been Japanese-American living in America and Japan bomb the Pearl Harbor was a horrible news for this Japanese family. Jeanne‘s father (Ko) knew this terrifying news was not just terrible for the American Government and the families who lose their love ones in that cruel bomb attacked , but was equally bad for his family and would definitely affect his family lives forever as a Japanese decedent. Due to fear, he immediately got rid of his Japanese flag that and other documents in his possession linking his loyalty to Japan. Jeanne’s father fear came to reality when he was arrested by the FBI, with the accusation of supplying oil to the Japanese Army because he had fishing license and they were afraid he was supplying the Japanese army. Another fear arouses on Terminal Island, Jeanne and her brother Kiyo were afraid from the threat and fearful looks…show more content…
In San Jose a home was burned down. Terrifying gun shorted at night putts fear in the Wakatsuki family as well as the other internees. The biggest fear that struck the Wakatsuki’s family was the arrest of papa. The cry and cry for long time, owing to the fact this was a political arrest. The accusation against him was significant to prove his loyalty to the Japanese government. Mama knew that guilty as charge her husband could still in prison for a very long time if not his entire life. They only imagine what his loss will cause to the family, he being the skipper of their family. Above all they did not know which state of jail they took him to, the family could not locate him not to measure communication. This alone was enough to frighten any family, especially, being a

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