The Chase Annie Dillard Analysis

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When looking back into the past humans will remember important events whether they were misbehaved or something that had a positive impact. Most of the time humans will accept what happen and not regretted. In The Chase by Annie Dillard when she was younger and her friends on a snowing weekday when they planned to throw snowballs at the driver’s windshield, but something extraordinary happen when she threw the snowball onto the windshield. It looked like she was a misbehaved child who did not respect the elders and only focus in having fun with her friends. It seems that she did regretted when she threw the round, cold, white snowball because it was her first time to be chased by someone. When the snowball hit the windshield normally the driver will ignore it and continue driving, but man in the suit did not. He go out of his car and chasing Mikey and her. Dillard states, “I was cherishing my excitement”(75). Not all kids will be excited to be chased by an adult. Mostly it will mean troubled for the kid who will be yell by the adult and the adult will be tried to run after the child, but for her it was an extraordinary moment for her to be chased by the man because he was the first man to get off of his car and ran with all of his might to…show more content…
She describes, “I wanted the glory to last forever”(75). While she was running the man became like a hero to her. She wanted to last forever no matter what was happening in the background like everything became blurry and the man, her friend and her became their own little world. Also being chased by the hero is like a dream come true for children to be chased by the cool guy who is the most important person or the main character in a movie, so when he was running so passionately it shows that he became the hero. Who would not be interest in being chased; therefore, she wanted the glory to be

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