James Baldwin: The Role Of Education In American Schools

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The American government has greatly impacted society. Education in America plays a big role in the structure of the creation of notions for a society. Americans have substituted ideas and beliefs to society which have affected the African Americans. African Americans have been identified as animals by the American society and the American society implies these ideas to the country. The African Americans are being oppressed which is unjust and they should be aware of these acts. James Baldwin claims that education should be used to guide students to be aware of the controversies in society to change the notions created by the American community by applying anecdote, paradox, and repetition. Baldwin elucidates anecdote to highlight the social…show more content…
By describing the cruelty of the country Baldwin states, “ I would teach him that there are currently very few standards in this country which are worth a man’s respect.” This indicates how negroes should oppose the American government due to its injustice acts towards the negroes and that the negroes shouldn’t respect something that treats them cruel. He also explains the discrimination Americans have towards the negroes by stating, “I would teach him that the press he reads is not as free as it says it is and that he can do something about that, too” This exemplifies how the society of America contradicts themselves because they guarantee freedom for all people but in reality the negroes are the only ones without freedom. He also repeats “i would teach him” to demonstrate that education plays a big role in constructing the ideas of society and that education should teach about the reality and cruelty of society so everyone can be aware and make a positive change in society. He repeats the phrase because he wants to make negroes realize that they can have a better and fair life without the oppression of the American Government, meaning that negroes should definitely oppose the American

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