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There are many interesting historic myths, events, and information about ancient Athens. One major event and myth was the settling of Athens. Some other important historic information was how their government worked and what political events happened. Also a major historic time was the Golden Age of Athens. Then also some interesting information is about the Geography of the city and around it. Another important piece of information was how religion played a part in Athens. How Athens started, what the government was like, the Golden Age, and the geography of Athens. Many different tales tell about the starting or creation of Athens. A major myth about the beginning of Athens is that Athena and Poseidon were trying to get the…show more content…
The Golden Age stated when the Greek army defeated the Persian army. This led to a vast and wealthy time in the land all around Athens. The Golden Age is sometimes called the age of Pericles because of an Athenian man who helped Athens in a great moment and event contributed to the building of the Parthenon the acropolis. The Golden age was arguably the greatest time in Athens’ long and amazing history. Finally the Golden Age had to come to an end as all good eventually must do. The age ended because of the start of the Peloponnesian War which was the war between Athens and Sparta that led to city of Athens being taken over by Sparta. The Golden Age was one of the best times in Athens…show more content…
Athens was very religious they had many temples, shrines and statues to all kinds of gods. The Parthenon was a gigantic temple in Athens entirely devoted to Athena the Greek, goddess of wisdom, which shows just to what extremes they went to worship “the gods”. In the bible it even has Paul coming to Athens and seeing all the temples and shrines and seeing an altar devoted to the unknown god. Yet as Paul saw this he noticed they didn’t even worship the one true God which made him mad and he preached at them proclaiming the good news of god. The Athenians were very ungodly and worshiped many idols which could possibly been the cause for the fall of Athens and the start of the Peloponnesian War. In fact the Athenians war so religious if a plague or sickness was destroying the city they would go and sacrifice to every god they knew, till the plague was over. This scenario could have been a possible reason for the creation of the altar to the unknown god. These are some examples of how religion had an influence on

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