Why The Librarian Who Measured The Earth

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In the book the Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky, a surprising thing that I learned was a more personal biography of Eratosthenes. As math is my personal the best subject and what I wish to teach and be high qualified in, it was interesting to see the historical aspect of the way math has been used. I think this is also a very good book to bridge learning math and reading lesson and possibly writing and research aspect to learn about other ancient mathematician and read stories about them and write paper or create story books that are in similar fashion as Lasky book. There is also connection between sciences that can be incorporated as well, through invention and ground breaking work and inventions. The aspects of the story that is connected to personal experiences are having that…show more content…
For example the story tells about historically known places, such as Alexandria and Athens which are famous cities in history and are still well known on modern time. Also, Eratosthenes life has been documented, those there is no way to be perfectly correct a lot of the stories about his achievement are well-known and written down and believed to be true then. There is also many biography fact about other people mentioned and daily practices, such as how boys went to the gymnasium while girls stayed home, as well as what type of learning they received. The supporting evidence the author uses in The Librarian Who Measured the Earth€ by Kathryn Lasky, is well documented facts. Eratosthenes life is recorded in history as he was a very important prominate figure in the enlightened world of ancient Greece times. Plus his contribution to math, earth sciences and library work were passed down through generations as well as put down in paper because the ideas were so correct and believable and made success other took what he said as absolute

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