How Has Technology Influenced Western Civilization Research Paper

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How Technology Influenced Western Civilization Within the western civilizations, the use of technology became abundantly available to individual cultures within certain regions of the west. Over a certain time period, numerous cultures discovered the use of serviceable goods such as metal, iron, and even animals. These goods were not limited to tangible commodities as Mesopotamia and Egypt developed their own writing system. Some of these innovations improved the speed of former communication and others aided the position of empires in warfare. Without technology, the means of survival would be quite impossible for many cultures within regions of the west. With the use of writing rapidly invading many cultures, these civilizations will explore this practice for many years to come. The invention of writing soared within Mesopotamia and Egypt. A new style of writing known as…show more content…
They would trade objects with one another, increasing their former knowledge of technology. They discovered a variety of techniques that enhanced their art of beauty and conveyed their beliefs (Hunt, et al., 5). Hunter gatherers soon discovered the use of fire as cooking became a huge advancement within their culture. According to our textbook, “The use of fire for cooking was a major innovation because it allowed people to eat wild grains that they could not digest raw” (Hunt, et al., 5). This discovery of fire placed the hunter gatherers in an advanced time period as they were now able to cook a variety of objects that were not eatable before the use of fire. If the different forms of technology were not discovered within these cultures, civilizations of the west would have fallen behind on the revolution scale. It is quite astonishing to see the advancement of many cultures with the help of

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