Film Summary: Family, Kym, And The Family

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Briefly describe the family portrayed in this film and the family structure: In the movie Rachel Getting Married, we see two sisters, Kym, and Rachel, and also their parents who are separated along with their new spouses. With the movie opening up around Kym getting out of her nine month stay in rehab; it’s immediately obvious that her father revolves around Kym. He is analyzing everything she does, and tiptoeing around different subjects to try to keep Kym happy. Through the beginning interactions between Kym and Rachel, it’s clear that Rachel has also done the same, and more plays the role of the perfect daughter, almost trying to make up for the crisis that Kym tends to be in. The girls’ mother, is very aloof. She has a new life, is detached from the girls, and seems to not be as focused, or nearly as involved as their father. Kym and Rachel’s step father isn’t mentioned much. The girls’ stepmother…show more content…
Sydney, the man Rachel is marrying, is African American, has a very different culture, and has done a lot of traveling to different areas. In the wedding there are a lot of different cultural styles represented, through music, dance, dress, and even more so at the rehearsal dinner. Kym and Rachel’s father constantly is talking about inviting Sydney’s family into their own and how they are now united. While the ceremony wasn’t Christian, Sydney’s mom talks about praying to God for someone as wonderful as Rachel to bless her son by becoming his wife. With many different religious influences on different people in the movie, it is accepted, and never looked down upon by most of the main characters, except for Kym. Kym speaks openly about not believing in God during her Narcotics Anonymous meeting. However her view on faith comes from her own personal guilt, and the ability to not forgive herself, let alone allow herself to believe fully in a higher power that would forgive her of her

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