Cadet Wing Leadership Qualities

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What gives the cadet wing the ability to turn civilians into military officers? The answer is simple – the cadets that make up the wing are what make the cadet program so successful, but what attributes must exist in order to better the cadet wing? Having the mentality of a “mission first, people always” leader, handling stress, and being open-minded are just a few things that must exist if the cadet wing were to thrive. Throughout my life, I have developed all these attributes. However, having these attributes is only the first step. Taking it a step further, how am I able to use the special talents I possess to better the cadet wing? To begin, I have held numerous leadership positions throughout high school. The experience of being a leader has taught me numerous life lessons. For example, I have learned to manage stress effectively and use it to my advantage. I tend to thrive whenever I am under stress. Also, I have developed a “mission first, people always” mentality. As a leader, I learned to place the mission before anything else. Also, I believe that if I take care of the people I lead, they will take care of me. In relation to the cadet wing, being a “mission first, people always” guy helps…show more content…
As such, being half-Asian has definitely impacted my life more than I can explain. I am able to understand and appreciate diversity and how to use it to benefit a group, which makes me open-minded. Experiencing things from a different perspective allows me to better understand others and reduce or completely avoid bias. Also, since I can better understand others, I can manipulate my words and actions to motivate others. I also appreciate diversity since it brings fresh ideas to a group, which is essential to any successful team. Being diverse, open-minded, and having different ideas are essential to the success of the cadet wing. Without any diversity, the cadet wing may not be as successful as it is

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