Analysis: Should Teens Be Tried As Adults

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Do you think Teens should be charged as adults? 48 percentage of teens were tried as adults in 2014 , for crimes as in violence and other petty crimes. Although some people believe that it deters crime in others, teens should not be charged as adults. Some people in this world thinks teens should be charged as adults for some of the crimes they commit. Yes, many teens do get charged as adults from murders and other bad crimes. However, some teens get out and make the same mistakes and have to go back to jail. People suggest that teens to not be in jail with adults because they catch more bad habits Once again teens mindset would be different.However, teens might try to act innocent because. They still have young mindsets, Supporters of…show more content…
teens should be punished and held responsible within a system designed to treat children, not fully mature adults Teens shouldn’t pick up bad habits around adults, so parents should be careful to prevent teens from committing crimes Parents and their teens

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