Why Are Scarabs Important

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Scarabs in General Scarabs have been around since the old kingdom. Scarabs have been used to show the wealth of people though the elaborate details and such but since the economics throughout the years have changed, scarabs have lost their currency value but kept their historical value. Scarabs were made in ancient Egypt during the old kingdom .Historians argue about when exactly they were first deigned but most speculate that scarabs were made in the 12th destiny. When first made the scarabs were used as a seal or stamp for differ occasions for example the stamps could be for good luck or for important documents. Later in the middle kingdom the scarabs became more popular and because of that more designs were made. Heart scarabs would replace the heart of the dead person it would be used for the judgment day because the Egyptians thought the intelligence came from the heart not the mind and also it was though that though the power of the sun god that the person would relive again from seen in the book of the…show more content…
Each color and shape was a representation of life as the Egyptians believed in. The scarab itself was to represent rebirth, the sun god Ra is seen to roll the sun across the sky each day, transforming bodies and souls. Dung Beetles would roll poop into a ball as food then lay eggs that later transformed into larvae. The Egyptians saw the beetle as a representation of Ra. The color green represents a new life, growth and fertility. Blue represented color of the heavens, water, and the primeval flood, and creation. Yellow represented the eternal and the indestructible, also some qualities of the sun and gold. Black represented death, the underworld, and the night. Red is believed to represents multiple things life and victory also anger and fire. Red can also represented blood, and in a chapter 156 from book of the dead, protection is though the blood, power, of the god

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