Informative Speech On Bilbo

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A hobbit, you may ask what is a hobbit? Is it a disease, an animal, a type of bunny?! Well is actually none of those, a hobbit is more like a person mixed with a furry type animal. So before I go any farther, I’ll tell you what a hobbit actually looks like. It’s bout half our size, wears no shoes, has thick brown hair on their head and toes and finally but not least they wear bright colors. So I have a specific hobbit I’m going to mention his name is Bilbo. He has two side that make him up, a Baggins side and a Took’s side. The Took side has many adventures and got to live in a hobbit hole that was built a while back. Then there was his Baggins side, they were very respectful and wealthy. Well actually both sides were wealthy but one was more

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