Analysis Of James Baldwin's Essay 'If Black English Isn' T A Language

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Racial question played the main role in the social from the beginning of American history. First it was colonization of the continent by representatives of many nations and conflicting relations with the Indians. Later, African-american situation became a main questiont, which dominated in USA due the end of 20th century and doesn't closed now. Also ongoing debate about immigration flows. All American history is riddled with threads of social contradictions, when on opposite sides of the barrier put two different races. Despite all the problems of "black" race with the longest history, will be the most discussed. History of slavery forever leave scars in society of USA. Chasm which originally ran between white Americans and immigrants from Africa was strengthened throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Too many events accommodate these years. "Black" people has…show more content…
One of them black american writer James Baldwin lived in 20th century wrote the article “If Black English Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?”. In that passage he raises the question about denial Black English as separate language of african-american people. In his essay, he brings up how when slaves came to America, the white people didn't have any interest in educating them because they didn't need an education. So for that reason, the blacks developed their own language that was not, “merely, the adoption of a foreign tongue, but an alchemy that transformed ancient elements into a new language.” This language was used to connect blacks to one another and to identify who they were. He is outraged that now people don't separate black English and equate it with standart English language. Author sure that it affect to behavior and emotional state of many people. Baldwin think that throught this way black people loose their individuality because like he said: “Language, incontestably, reveals the

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