Analysis Of 'Is Google Making Us Crazy?'

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The internet has become our primary source of information. Many of us believe it has negative impact in our everyday lives. In the article “I Tweet, Therefore I Am” by Peggy Orenstein she presents to the reader the importance in her use of Twitter and how it has affected her interaction with nature. While in “Is the Onslaught Making Us Crazy?” by Tony Dokoupil, he perceives the negative impact within our society and how it has affected us in our everyday lives as well as our brains. Therefore Nicholas Carr in “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” focuses how the web has interacted with his reading and his lack of concentration. In “I Tweet, Therefore I Am” Orenstein talks about how she is “hooked” to her Twitter account. It all began with promoting…show more content…
We fuel on internet like a drug, which even today’s generation revolves around it. There has been many research involving this issue. “In the summer of 1996, seven young researchers at MIT blurred the lines between man and computer, living simultaneously in the physical and virtual worlds . . . [t]hey called themselves ‘cyborgs’ (qtd in Dokoupil 25). Technically, we have become “cyborgs” ourselves. (25). Carrying our many electronic devices with us everywhere we go; relying on them for any little thing. Many of us spend multiple hours looking at our screen. Browsing through the internet and the social media updates. “[M]ore than a third of users get online before getting out of bed” (Dokoupil 25). Not only the internet has become a huge sensation, texting has also become a big part of our generation. “[T]he average person . . . sends . . . about 400 texts a month”. “[T]he internet is not “just” another delivery system [but] it is creating a whole new mental environment” (Dokoupil 25). The internet addiction has become such a huge issue that in China they have being using electro shock therapy to treat Internet-addicted teens. How far have we come that procedures, such as electro therapy, are necessary to treat us for being so obsessed with

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