Similarities Between Alexander The Great And Roman Conquests

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Throughout history there have been many great conquests done by different people and civilizations that have impacted the outcome of the history we know. Two major conquests that stand out are the conquests of Alexander the Great in the late 4th century B.C. and those of the Romans in the Mediterranean between ca 264 and 133 B.C. These conquests differed but also shared some similar patterns throughout each other. Whether is be the purpose of their conquests, which between both conquerors had some similarities. Another major point is both of them is the benefits for the conquerors. Finally, what each of the conquerors did with the people they conquered and whether they let me go free or sent them to be slaves. Even though these conquests benefited…show more content…
These were some of the main reason that the conquests occurred was so that they could gain a benefit from them. The Roman conquests mainly were focused on their interest in Sicily, who were rich, and their interest in the Greek trading. {ADD ROME QUOTES}. The Carthaginians had been encroaching on Rome’s interest in Sicily so Rome saw it as a point to take action very quickly. With this new territory Rome also started to have new threats from people in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean. Their goal once they had Sicily then became to not avoid attacks of attack before the other person had the chance which is what happened with the Celts and Carthage. {ADD ROME QUOTES}. Alexander the Great had other ideas in mind when he went into battle he wanted to bring about the collapse of the Persian Empire, who his father had been planning to attack before his death, and spreading Greek culture far into the east. {ADD ALEXANDER QUOTES}. Another major benefit of Alexander the Greats conquests is that he was able to open up new trade routes from his army marching through new terrain. These routes not only increased trade but they also allowed for more religious exchange thus allowing them to spread their culture even more. {ADD ALEXANDER

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