William Lutz Weasel Language Analysis

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Advertisement have a negative impact to society, because advertising is indispensable it motivates and persuades people to consume. Advertising has an influence on everyone in one way or another. Advertising has the negatives effects “With these words I can sell you anything”, William Lutz. In this article the author encourages their readers to figure out what each word is doing to each ad, what it really means, not what it want us to think. For example he want us to see the weasel words. When an ad uses weasel words we focused too much on the claim that the product is making, but in reality they are not making any claim at all. What these words do is making people to consume the product more and more. The most common weasel words that advertisements…show more content…
Television we have to pay attention to the background, what makes these product better than the other, we have to think for a minute and ask ourselves is it true? The product might work fast. We have to be careful on what we consume. We can be saving lots of money just by detecting this small details that will take us to buy expensive products. One example we encounter more nowadays are detergents. Some might have “new and improved”. We fail to understand the weasel words and we end up consuming these product more. We fail so often because we concentrate more on the dramatic words and we end up buying the product that we see more often in television or ads. Weasel words are so strong and dramatic. Advertising influences most on kids, because they haven’t fully develop the understanding of each words meaning, they want toys, clothes, food all that comes with their favorite characters, the more appealing the commercial is; the more the kids want the product,…show more content…
People tell others about a subject of propaganda and their friends are compelled to buy it or obey it. Then those friends tell others, and the wild fire spreads. This is one way that propaganda spreads. It’s human nature to spread news In the article “Propaganda: how not to be bamboozled” explains about how everyday pervades our lives it works by tricking us, for example; toothpaste people have a hard time choosing which toothpaste works better, all of these toothpaste have fluoride, all of these products are the same, it all depends on the way each one of us brush their teeth. Nowadays we worry too much in cosmetic appearance that we fail to understand that all those products might not work, we can spend lots of money in this product, than going to the dentist, going to the dentist is really expensive if it only means to get whitening products from there, they can be paying up $ 100- $150 just to get the whitening product from the dentist office, people don’t want to spend that much money going to the dentist, so they prefer to get over the counter products that might work the same from whitening their teeth. According to the

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