Seahorse Got It's Curves: Article Analysis

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Certain traits are passed on through generations so that a population can survive, but there are many situations where this can apply, but the most common to people today is animals. These animals have to adapt so that they can avoid being eaten. Certain traits are more common in a population because the traits increase an individual’s probability to survive and reproduce. When I was playing the Darwin game, you had to adjust the animals so that they could survive in different situation. The seahorse had to adjust to an s-shape so that they could capture prey easier. Lastly, the Nebraskan Swallows had to adjust many things in their traits so that they wouldn’t become roadkill anymore. Certain traits are more common in a population because…show more content…
Before the seahorse got it’s S-Shape body, it was just a straight bodied fish, like a pipefish. The seahorse needed to find an easier way to catch prey, and to survive. It had to evolve in such a way where being the predator was easy.Getting into an S-Shape body allows them to catch prey more easily. It does this because they are able to reach longer for prey, and they can move around better. In the video, it shows how that the straight body pipefish have very little room for error while catching prey. They must move their snout and mouth very quickly in one motion in order to catch the prey. On the other hand, the seahorse’s body shape gives it more striking distance, and more range for the mouth to catch the food and suck it. This can also help due to the way that they catch their prey. They hide attached to a seagrass and wait for prey to swim by them. When they do, they use their big striking distance and range to reach their head out and catch it. This has helped the population because it has enabled them to catch more food, and not die of starvation. So, it has definitely kept the population the same, and possibly increased it. The traits of the seahorse allow the population to stay large and

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