Foreshadowing And Symbolism In 'The Jewel Of The Seven Stars'

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Another example of foreshadowing was Abel’s constant upbringing of Tera’s power. He was so obsessed with the strength that she had as a ruler, that he would stop at nothing to harness her power. He consistently repeated that “She has the power to kill, but does not use it” (Stoker, The Jewel of the Seven Stars 123). His repentance of her power foreshadows the danger they will see when they attempt to bring her back to life. Abel thought that he could take her power by reanimating her, however he did not take the caution necessary. He knew what she was capable of when she was alive, but failed to predict that her spirit can be just as powerful. His obsession with her power clouded his judgement and blinded his perception of reality. He was unable to see the power he talked about that Tera possessed, and the power he was in search for corrupted his mind, leading to his demise.…show more content…
The group wanted Queen Tera to rise so that they might see power, but failed as she tore them apart and fled the spirit world. The Mummy’s Curse represents a large part of the story as they unknowingly unleashed a deadly spirit into the world. The Jewel of the Seven Stars “reproduces previous fictions’ desires to resurrect the ancient world only to offer the dire, even fatal, consequences of those desires as a cautionary tale against immoderate absorption in the study of history and its material remnants” (Bridges). Lust for power is evidently a bad thing when the means to get it are not

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