Polykleitos Of Argos Analysis

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Polykleitos of Argos is a recognizable sculptor and an art theorist from the Ancient Greece classical period. His aim is to create a human figure by operating the mathematical equation to portray the perfect form of the human body and its part. In C. 450 - 440 BCE he made Spear Bearer or The Canon (Doryphoros), it’s a sculpture of somebody perhaps Achilles. The sculpture depicts the human body of a male in the high classicism period of the Ancient Greece and the expounded of physical male beauty along with the athletic nude art that is contemplate by the artist, it originally holding a spear which it was ruined throughout passing of time, but there is the Roman replica that is made from marble. The original Greek sculpture is made from bronze;…show more content…
It shows how time leaves an imprint on the arts of the Greeks and throughout history; the classical period influenced the development of modern-day architecture. After the war against the Persian, Pericles supported Athenian artists by giving them tribal money to build some parts of Athens that were destroyed by the Persians wars. It resulted by building the Erechtheion. And then, of course, there are other buildings that represent the classical period, as: The Parthenon, a temple to honor Athena the goddess. Located opposite from the Parthenon is the Erechtheion one of the most idiosyncratic buildings in Greece, it was constructed in 421 and 406 BCE to replace the Old Temple of Acropolis after the Persians demolished it in 480 BCE. The name comes from the Greek hero Erichthonius, some belief that The Erechtheion was dedicated to the goddess Athena Polis and it contained multiple shrines for several other gods and demigods such as Poseidon and Hephaestus. However it also believed that the temple was build to honor the king Erechtheus. Mnesicles might be the architect but there are no records about it. It was build with its Ionic style and the brilliant caryatids and their story and mythological presence, to understand it, you have to observe them and linger over their history of it. The friezes of the building are white pentelic marble on dark blue limestone of Eleusis to create a dramatic contrast between the two different colors. The Porch of the Maidens of the Temple of Erechtheion is located on the southern portico and surround by 6 Caryatids, which the building is best notable for; they are Female figures, structured as columns to support the building on the southern portico. The Caryatids in the Erechtheion now are not the original

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