New Teachers Vs Low Income Schools Essay

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In 2004 Johnson, Kardos, Kauffman, Lieu and Donaldson conducted a comparative study of the early experience of new teachers at both high and low income schools. Specifically, the researchers conducted survey questions investigating whether a support gap exist between new teachers in high-income schools versus new teachers in low-income schools. Answered where gathered as part of two surveys conducted during this research. The first of the two studies on which this article was based examined new teachers’ experiences of hiring and professional culture (Kardon, 2004; Liu, 2004). Kardon and Liu analyzed survey data collected in Florida, Massachusetts, and Michigan. These states were selected because they are located in different regions of the country and vary in size, yet shared important policy features. The sample consisted of three-hundred and seventy-four (374) randomly selected first- and second-year, K-12 public school teachers (excluding art and physical education). Seventy-four (74) percent of the ninety-nine (99)…show more content…
All teachers felt that there was a lack of support with curriculum in their first year of teaching. The researchers did not include any information concerning the validity and reliability of the study. These studies demonstrated that low income schools failed to support new teachers in the same manner as high- income schools. This particular article concluded that low-income schools provide less personal interactions with mentors, less informative sessions about professional development, and support occurred later for new teachers in low income schools than for those in high income schools. Hiring is less personal, less informative, and occurred later for new teachers in low income schools. Teachers in low income schools have mentors for a shorter time period than their counterparts in the high income schools. The findings of the studies were

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