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The master of suspense is one of the most influential British director’s ever and with his career spanning over half a century; Sir Alfred Hitchcock was truly one of the architects of modern day horror cinema. He pioneered many shot techniques and got rid of the old horror movies plot clichés and presented the audience with fascinating characters and storylines. His influence can still be seen in cinema today and there are many directors whose films are inspired by Hitchcock, thus making him considered as one of England’s best ever directors. For this dissertation I would like to talk about how Hitchcock’s famous film Psycho (1960) has had such an impact on the movie industry and how this film has influenced some of the horror movies we see today. I will be looking into some of the techniques used in this film and how the plot has been revisited in some movies in the last few decades. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was released in New York on the 16th June 1960. It was a great box office success, by the end of its first year had earned 15 million – over fifteen times as much as it cost to make. It was this film that won him huge critical approval of a master of filmmaking. The shower scene, in which Marion Crane is killed, is by far the most epic and influential…show more content…
This black and white movie shocked everyone; it attacked people’s minds and hearts in one of the most vulnerable places in what is considered to be one of the greatest and epic scenes of all time. This film made women and men afraid to take a shower, this movie was the first of its kind and gave birth to a new genre of films, The Slasher. If it were not for this movie Freddie Kruger, Jason, Leatherface, and all of the other psycho killers would cease to exist. These killers, even Ghost Face from Scream owes Norman Bates the first masked psycho killer, a lot of

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