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Why Steroids in the MLB should be Legalized Alex Rodriguez was born 1975 in New York City. Ever since being young, from a young age Alex Rodriguez knew he wanted to be a professional baseball player one day and wanted to change the game and face of baseball. He first started off in the Seattle Mariners at the age of 18, then the Texas Rangers and finally for the Yankees. In 2009 Alex Rodriguez, star player for the Yankees, was caught using performance-enhancing drugs in his earlier years of baseball. Many fans of MVP Baseball player Rodriguez were shocked and upset after hearing the news knowing he would be suspended for the season. Reports show and explain the meaning and doing behind Alex’s performance-enhancing drug use and what he felt…show more content…
Selena Roberts saw Alex Rodriguez as a cheater, liar, and one who shouldn’t be a role model to others. While Jack disagrees, saying Alex simply made a mistake in his career and just took a bumpy path and everyone does once in a while. In 2009 when Alex Rodriguez was caught for the use of performance-enhancing drugs it was the talk of all sports. It brought up whether other players such as Manny Ramirez, Joe Mauer, and Derek Jeter who performed at such high levels were also using these drugs. Everyone questioned which good players were actually just good at baseball and which players were actually using this performance-enhancing drug. The possibility of them using performance-enhancing drugs has brought my attention to that, performance enhancing drugs should be legalized in Major League Baseball. Although some say performance-enhancing drugs are bad for your health and players using these drugs are showing examples of being bad role models. Performance-enhancing drugs should be legalized in the Major Leagues because not only does it make watching baseball better but, every baseball player gets caught with them anyway, they help heal injury time faster, and it can benefit the players and audience and their fans in many

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