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The New Yorks Yankess star third baseman takes performance enhancing drugs to cheat his way to the top. There is a lot of expectations for a pro athlete to obtain some more then others. Some are looked up at home run hitters some are looked at fast or slow some aren't expected to do much compared to others. Some are there to smile and look pretty. In Alex Rodriguez case he was a top player for a good team doing great things and felt he needed to keep the people and coaches all happy so he paid a fake doctor to get him steriod cream, edible testosterone gummies, and human growth hormone injections. He was not the first and will not be the last to do this. He wanted to be the best out there wanted to prove to everyone there was no one better. He was playing for the winningest team in baseball making millions of dollars. These creams and injections was just going to give him more and more power and more and more money. He was hitting home runs left and right and everyone loved them for it. He never tested positive for his drugs test though. He wasn't till his name was found years down the road in some book kept by this fake doctor.…show more content…
The actions taking when a player gets caught is usually not so serious the first time. With Alex they went straight to the suspensions and him maybe not playing ever again. He was this huge name a great role model for the kids. Was advertised on many billboards and commercials and ads for his anti drug use and helping the kids stay out of trouble with the drugs but all along he was doing them. All these people were looking at him as this player of all time breaking records and kind man that could be there kids role

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