Lord Capulet Monologue

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Lord Montague and Lord Capulet were in battle when suddenly, Montague stops as his sword is in the air. He takes a small breathe as he looks straight into Capulet’s eyes. Suddenly, many memories come flashing back. He began to feel sick, seconds later he dropped his sword. He was now on the floor, Capulet of course was worried. They were once good friends , many of their family members don’t know why they hate each other so much, but here’s why. As soon as Lord Montague fell on the floor, he fell into deep sleep. This was probably not a good thing; since he was in a sword battle. Now it had gotten worse since he was having flashbacks. He remembered the small things he and Capulet used to do. One of these small things was when they got their first swords as children. “Capulet! Look what I’ve got!” Little Montague…show more content…
Capulet always tried to get things that were better than Montague’s stuff. Montague of course got sad because of this, but he always ended up succeeding at things Capulet didn’t. After many years, the end of their friendship finally came. It was Montague’s birthday. Capulet, of course, was invited. Many people gathered, it was such an important day and a day to meet others. Lots of people showed up with gifts. Capulet was in charge of taking them and putting them on a small table. He of course looked into the gift bags, he was upset. Montague was getting a lot more than Capulet. He sighed. He took a present from one of the guests. It was the town’s keeper. He walked to the table and looked inside. Montague was given the key to the city. Capulet of course couldn’t resist, he took the key and put it in his pocket. He turned only to see Montague. “What are you doing Capulet?” Montague asked in surprise. He was hurt, he saw that his good friend was stealing from him. “Nothing Montague, just putting your gifts away.” He replied, although it was a lie. He was stealing, but he for once wanted to be better than

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