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In the novel The Stranger by Albert Camus, he places the physical form of love into the text. Love is portrayed as an action rather than a feeling. When Meursault meets up with Marie for the first time for many years, they end up making love at the end of the day. They do this for multiple days before she brings up the question about love. Meursault answers with an answer that would hurt others, or find to be plain odd; “When she laughed I wanted her again. A minute later she asked me if I loved her. I told her that it didn’t mean anything but that I don’t think so. She looked sad” (Camus 35). This scene is important because it tells the reader what Meursault thinks about love. The first thing to take from this is Meursault craves for physical contact from Marie; lust. Throughout the entire book, he talks about his “want” for her body. He talks about her physical appearance every time he sees her. Meursault's interpretation of love is physical rather emotional. Many of the…show more content…
He keeps looking at them, but he does not think or says anything about it. However, he keeps glancing over their direction; “The man on my left, a small young man with delicate hands, wasn’t saying anything. I noticed that he was across from the little old lady and that they were staring intently at each other” (Camus 75). This scene describes Meursault’s relationship with Maman. they do not talk much; however, they are there for each other when they need it.This can also be interpreted as Meursault’s longing for his mother. He wishes he has Maman to be there with him and to comfort him. When comparing this scene with Maman’s funeral, it turns out to be quite similar. At both scenes, Meursault is very quiet towards the thought of his mother’s death. This is his way of coping. Before, it was unclear how he was handling his mother’s death; however it turns out he does miss and care for

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