Alaska Gold Rush History

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Alaska is a bucket-list destination for most Americans, and for good reason. The Last Frontier is home to millions of acres of undeveloped forests, sky-scraping mountains, glaciers, rivers, shoreline, and tundra. During a single trip, you can see humpback whales breaching off the coast, moose crossing the roadways inland, bald eagles circling overhead, and brown bears fishing along rivers and streams. Plus, you’ll experience history, culture, and food that’s uniquely Alaskan. Many assume it’s too far away and too expensive to visit on a whim. Truth is, taking Alaska off your “someday” list and making it a reality is easier than you might think. Flying time from Phoenix to Anchorage is approximately five hours. From Anchorage, several of…show more content…
The rails connect many parts of Alaska that are not easily accessible by car. Day tours and multi-day vacations are available. More info: Gold Rush History Alaska is famous for its historic Gold Rush, and you can still see plenty of evidence of the mines today. About 70 miles from Anchorage (via Glenn Highway and Hatcher Pass Road), is Independence Mine State Historic Park ( Here, you’ll see firsthand a gold mining camp, several structures, and a museum that explains how the miners collected more than 34,400 ounces of gold (worth about $17 million in today’s dollars). Do you have ancestors who were part of the Alaska and Klondike Gold Rushes (1896-1914)? You can search for historical documents and photographs at the Alaska State Library. More info: Fishing & Wildlife Viewing Anchorage is known for being an urban fishing destination, since you can nab trophy-size king salmon or rainbow trout downtown in Ship Creek. In addition, you’ll find several fishing lakes within driving distance of Anchorage, and several airplane outfitters offer day trips for fishing or wildlife viewing. Contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for information about licenses and current conditions

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