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Akram Khan Akram Khan once said “Music and dance are inseparable for we, the musicians and myself, are all searching for One, the first beat, which is the equivalent of looking for Krishna, the mythological god associated with love. Kathak has a geometric precision and although we often take different paths, we know we'll meet at One.” He meant that everything in Indian music works mathematically and is very logical. Also, once the rhythm of the music is understood, the music can be appreciated in a different way, and one can start playing around with he rules. In his works, there’s a lot of improvisations, and complex patterns that he works from are much simpler than they look. I quote, ‘My steps in Ronin starts from a traditional format,…show more content…
In the interview, he answered, that if he wasn’t born into his family, he might not be dancing. I find, when he dances, it looks spiritual. So, when Akram Khan and Isreal Galvan collaborate, there would be a contrast as Mr Israel Galvan’s steps are pretty sharp and striking. According to Akram Khan, Kathak, is a dance which uses stylised gestures to tell mythological tales using classical form of dance. The works that he creates is mostly narrative. He shows strong gestural interest in torso and arms and the exploration of energy that routes through the body and the effects of it was the gestures of the arms. In my opinion, Akram Khan uses hand gestures much more frequently than him using props. Most importantly, the dancers in his choreography, shares similar materials, this means that the attention is not drawn to have a gender…show more content…
He accumulates variations of repetition, reordering and recombining. In Khan’s work, it is unusual for him to have an attention drawn to one dancer. Which means all dancers share similar material and attention, unlike ballet, there will be a main female dancer that is always given the lime light. In one of his works named torobaka, created and performed by Akram Khan and Isreal Galvan. Both dancers, began their new duet sitting on the edge of a large circle of light. Beats for his music is depicted by the jangling ankle bells from the barefooted Khan, and heeled flamenco shoes for

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