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Travanti Williams Mr Brown British Literature Heroic Figures of Literature A hero is defined, by many, as someone who displays physical strength and courage in order to rescue a person that may be in distress. Throughout many years of literature, writers have been putting heroes at the center of attention, or what is known as the main characters. These are the people that are looked up to by others, and are expected to excel when it comes to being in the face of danger. In a literary work, not all heroes are necessarily described as being physically strong. There are also those that you look up to because they may be a loved one. Some, like Kings, show a different sort of strength that makes them well respected by their people. Others are…show more content…
He rescues countless amounts of people, has great strength, and an unlimited amount of bravery. He is fearless and faces anything evil that crosses his path, without hesitation. He exemplifies the meaning of a perfect hero. Throughout the story of Beowulf, he is a well known prince that earns great honor each time he overcomes an obstacle. He faces three conflicts in the story. Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the dragon are all defeated by Beowulf. It is said that Beowulf has the strength of thirty men in the grip of his hand. We know that Beowulf once killed a tribe of giants and has driven enemies out of his homeland. Beowulf already has a good reputation, but he has the drive to want to accomplish more on earth before he dies. He is a man that stands by his word, once his mind is set on completing a task, that task shall be completed to what he feels is the best of his ability. He is also reluctant to back down from any battle, even if there is a great chance that that same battle may take his life. Defeating the descendants of Cain is a great accomplishment for Beowulf. It is truly heroic of him to risk his own life for that of another person, whom is in great need of rescuing. If there is a list of true heroic deeds, Beowulf would be at the top of that

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