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Afro Samurai 2 is a hack and slash episodic game with this being part one in a three part series. The game picks up shortly after the fight between Kuma and Afro with you playing as Kuma this time around. Anyone new to the Afro Samurai series rather it be the game or the animation's should know that the story in this game is hard to follow. Redacted Games could have done a lot better with filling players in but instead it just throws the characters and story at you with no real introduction. The story will see Jinno as he becomes to be known as Kuma but as I said before if your unfamiliar with Afro Samurai you maybe lost by the story as I was at first as I never played or seen any of the Afro Samurai. Kuma is looking for revenge on Afro for…show more content…
Its sad really there was a lot of room for a great revenge story but it was handled badly and now makes little to no sense. The game play is normal hack and slash fare Kuma has three fighting styles he can use. Each one works better against certain enemies than others but there are only three types of enemies. These fighting styles are Afro Style a fast moving style that lets you doge and counter projectiles back at enemies although there was only one time I needed to do this. The second style is Kuma style where you deal out heavy damage and once your combo hits high enough you can use a special move that instantly kills an enemies. The last style is master style which is good at fighting a group of enemies…show more content…
The game looks like a PS2 game and a bad one at that. The bad camera angles didn't help matters as you get no camera controls. In one boss fight I had no idea when the game went from a cut scene to game play and died from bad camera angles not letting me know I was in control of Kuma once again. The game uses both in game cut scene's and black and white comic style and needless to say the comic style is way better. The voice acting is good though and if you like hip-hop it has a good

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