Case Study: Foxconn And Apple Inc.

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Foxconn is one of the manufacturer in Apple Inc. that is in charge of manufacturing electronics products. For instance, iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately, many employees committed suicide by jumping from buildings in 2010. Besides, there are lots of factors lead to many employees committed suicide. For example, poor working environment, low salary, work overtime, etc. This issue damaged the reputation of Apple Inc. directly. As a result, Foxconn and Apple Inc. make a different responses and solutions for employees committed suicide respectively. Firstly, Foxconn make different solutions on employees committed suicide. For instance, hire monks conduct religious rite, set up a psychological counseling team, supervisors care about employees, signed…show more content…
Set up a psychological counseling team Foxconn sets up a psychological advisory group to provide psychological counseling to employees. For instance, telephone hotlines and single counseling. It gives employees an opportunity to reflect the company's psychological pressure. In addition, Foxconn has a studio for relieving mental stress of employees. Employees can not only receive psychotherapy, but also relax their mind through professional instruments. Furthermore, Foxconn makes sure of protecting employees' privacy before conducting related activities. Moreover, Foxconn executives are willing to put their photos on the dummy, so that employees can vent. On the other hand, Foxconn has hired more than 2000 psychologists and counselors in order to relieve the mental pressure of employees. In addition, employees can release their pressure though the professional counseling. 3. Supervisors care about employees actively Foxconn requested different department supervisors meet the front-line employees. During the meeting, supervisors can listen to employees’ opinions on working condition. Thus, they can draw up new policy or improve current policy according to employees’ opinion. Besides, Foxconn can develop a good relationship between employees and operate

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