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Task 1 short answer The texts “Advice on going green” and “We all want to help the planet. But how?” are both about how we can help save the environment . In the text “Advice on going green” we get advices on how we can protect the environment. I agree with all the tips. A lot of them seems easy to do but some might be more difficult. One of the advices are to hang our washings instead og using a tumble dryer. There are five people in my family, and therefore a lot of laundry. If we were to hang all our washings to dry instead of using the tumble dryer it would take too much space. Considering that, not using the tumble dryer would only create a new issue in my family. The second text is about how you can help the environment by going vegetarian. There are written a lot of facts about how it helps the environment. I did not know a lot about how eating vegetarian would help the environment,…show more content…
They had five different pizzas and two different vegan salads. I ordered a pizza with vegan cheese, spinach and tomato. My parents shared a pizza with artichoke, onions and tomatoes, my brother ordered a pizza with only vegan cheese. The pizzas tasted delicious. I started thinking that going vegetarian would be easy. I was wrong. A week later, I was invited to a birthday party. Because of this birthday party and the going green situation, I faced some problems. The party was celebrated at the movies and we got served cheeseburgers. I was vegan and could not eat the burger. They did not have anything that I could eat so I ended up eating nothing. The second problem was that I had nothing to wear. My mom and I went to a mall to find some clothes for the birthday party. It was our first time trying to shop environmentally beneficial. We had to find clothes that had been produced in an environment-friendly way. After several hours of looking, we finally found something to wear. The clothes were not that nice but they just had to

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