How Is Google's Mission Statement Related To Its Business Strategy

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Discussion Questions 1) How is Googles mission statement related to its business strategy? The mission statement of Google is to collect, organize as much as information in the world and make it useful and available globally. Every strategy commences with a mission and strategy is a group of well-planned actions to achieve the goal. Organization and IS strategies are derived from Business strategies. Google appeals customers by allowing free search and earns money from advertisements and publishers. AdWords and AdSense programs helped google to become a leader as it is useful for everyone (publishers, advertiser, etc.) involves in it. In short googles wants people to use more internet. As people spend more time on internet, they will search…show more content…
IS strategy mainly involves four components which are hardware, software, networking and data. Also it contains three dimensions which are technology scope, distinctive competencies, and IT governance. Googles IS strategy supports its business strategy mainly through creativity and innovation. It supports employees for innovation by allowing them to spend 20% of work time on their own choice projects, giving free meals, rewards, on site gym and dentist, washing machine, etc. Google has given freedom to employees on using operating systems, software and applications they would like to use. It makes employees work more efficiently and creatively on their ideas. Google uses stringent, data-driven processes for assessing new ideas in the middle of innovation process. Through intranet Googles employees can access any piece of work at any part of Google, so that employees can contribute with others who works on same kind of project. Google keeps equilibrium between buying and developing its own software as per the need and necessity. For example it uses its own CRM software while uses Oracles accounting software. It also promotes open source projects and hires college students through programs like summer of code. The search engine algorithm og Google is the most effective and it always focuses on improving it to get effective and faster search, also formula for master search engine has been kept secret and Google focuses on detective and corrective controls more. More than 150 excellently skilled engineer’s works on information security of Google and they continually looks for viruses and any intrusion. Googles basic IT strategy includes Pimp my server, Custom tailored, keep it interesting, culture of choice, and collective insight. Google orders hardware as per the required specifications, even makes softwares on own if required. Google uses decentralized

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