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“The Landlady” by Roald Dahl is a short story about an aspiring businessman who travels to Bath, England and decides to stay at an innocent looking bed and breakfast where he unknowingly has a murderous landlady. There are many aspects of the narrative that are adjusted between the written and video adaptations. Something that is contrasted between these two formats is that the book ends before or at the climax. But, in the movie version, the story is built onto and completed for the viewers. In the story, it ends with Billy drinking the tea, still pondering the situation with the previous guests at the bed and breakfast. In the video, though, the producers carry on with the story, showing how Billy most likely dies, Mr. Temple and Mr. Mulholland are shown with the landlady interacting with them, and Billy is prepared to be stuffed and preserved.…show more content…
This is possible because there are hints of what could happen later hidden throughout the story, and there are many alternative ways the story could be finished. The movie was completed in a different point of view, third person omniscient, instead of the third person limited used in the tale. I think that the angle is changed so what happens in the story is explained better, with some evidence gone because some hints in the book can’t be provided in the movie. With the continuation, seeing what actually happens and how it ends, the landlady acting like the murdered guests are alive, is shocking, creepy, and disturbing to the viewer. Also, with less foreshadowing that can be found, the filmmakers have to conclude it to have the story make sense. Finally, the written version is from Billy’s point of view, so when he is dead, the reader wouldn’t be able to see the

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