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Performer: Hank Williams Career Span: 1946-1953 Location: During Hank Williams youth, he resided in rural Alabama. In 1948, he participated in Louisiana Hayride radio show based out of Shreveport Louisiana. When he was a part of the Opry he toured everywhere in the United States including Canada. Band Members: The “Drifting Cowboys” was the name of his band during his teenage years. Hank Williams is known for being a solo artist primarily. Bio: Hank Williams is popular for being a songwriter, guitarist, and a country music singer this is where his talent shined as he blended southern gospel and blues ballads into his songs. As discussed in class Hank Williams was popular for “Yodeling.” Williams received his inspiration from the “Father of Country Music” Jimmie Rogers. As Hank William’s career took off, he had…show more content…
In 1951, he had a back surgery that did not have a positive outcome. He always had drug and alcohol problems since his teens but after this surgery, he increased his daily usage of drugs and alcohol. Which led to Hank Williams being fired from the Opry, and then he rejoined the Louisiana Hayride radio show where he died traveling to a New Year’s Day show. In class, we discussed how people speculate that Hank Williams spent his last night in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hank William’s music inspired many people that classified his songs as sounding lonely that inspired a generation of “outlaw” country singers. In 1961, Hank Williams made it to the Hall of Fame for his country music. After his death, his music still played on the radio stations and made it to the top charts. Later music critics talked about Hank Williams being a pioneer for Rock-and-Roll as well as a Romantic Anti-Hero. After music critics praised Hank Williams, he was an inductee into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. Song Title: “Jambalaya (on the

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