Achilles Rage In The Iliad

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In the Iliad, written by Homer comes a great Epic written back in Ancient Greek time, no specific time period, around 750 B.C. The story starts about nine years after the Trojan War had started. We see many great characters in this story that express themselves throughout the story. Satterfield states, “Were our Iliad like the more traditional story apparently proposed in the poem, however, it would be a fundamentally different story. It would end before Achilles reenters the battle to kill 0; it would never show Achilles’ rage. For instance, the main character of the story, Achilles. Achilles is the son of Peleus. Achilles is considered the most powerful warrior in the Iliad. Since the Iliad is set back in such a past-tense, the times are…show more content…
For example, as the book starts, the speaker states, “Rage---Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus son Achilles, / murderous, doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses, / hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls” (Lines 1-4). In these lines the author is trying to express Achilles anger, which is happening because Apollo, (the son of Zeus and Leto) is very irritated at the king, so he swept a fatal plague through the army and his men were dying, all because Agamemnon spurned Apollo’s priest. Achilles knows that Apollo will keep coming to kill his men wither it is through ships, land, etc. Achilles is known for getting very upset and raging. As Achilles is arguing with Agamemnon, Achilles states “He broke off and anguished gripped Achilles. / The heart in his rugged chest was pounding torn… / Should he draw the long sharp sword at his hip, / thrust through the ranks and kill Agamemnon now?— / or check his rage and beat his fury down?” (Lines 222-226). What is going through Achilles head right now as he is arguing and fighting Agamemnon is that his rage is taking over Achilles, making him so upset and furious that he is thinking about surpassing the gods and just killing Agamemnon. Leading up to this, Achilles wants to remind Agamemnon, how much overpowered his is over Agamemnon by saying, “You are nothing to me!” (Line 213). As a reader, one can see that Achilles’…show more content…
For example, the reader sees Hector go through many obstacles on trying to find Andromache, his wife, and fighting the war, his brother Paris, Gods being absent, and more. As Hector wakes up and sees that Andromache, he states, “Where’s Andromache gone? To my sisters’ house? / To my brothers’ wives with their long flowing robes? / Or Athena’s shrine where the noble Trojan women / gather to win the great grim goddess over?” (Lines 10-13). When Hector wakes up not to see his wife or infant child, he starts to worry about where she might have gone. With the war going on he is worried that something terrible could have happened that is why he worries and searches right away at all possible locations. As Hector is asking and searching, A busy, willing servant answered quickly, “Hector, seeing you want to know the truth, / she hasn’t gone to your sisters, brothers’ wives / or Athena’s shrine where the noble Trojan women / gather to win the great grim goddess over. / Up to the huge gate-tower of Troy she’s gone” (Lines 15-19). At this point, Hector at least knows where she is, so he races to the Scaean Gates where he would find his wife with a nurse that us carrying his child. After everything going on with the Gods, and the war, Hector knows it is not safe for his wife, and child to be wandering around Troy without a man by her side. Happy to see his wife, Hector reminds her about the

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