What Is Slavery: Harmful Or Unfinished?

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One of the most oppressing moments in history is slavery. A time where African’s were taken from their home land and brought to the new world, America, to work forcefully. This series of deep oppression lasted for 245 years. Slavery was an extremely hard time, slaves worked long hours performing restless tasks. Although slaves may have done any and everything their master told them to do, sometimes that wasn't enough, as a result they were beaten, commonly with a whip. Long, plaited, and usually made from leather or rope, a whip was used as punishment for slaves, each lash was painful and left a brutal scar. An article from Spartacus Education explains that there were no laws that protected the slaves from this act of violence. Slave owners were essentially bullying their slaves to work harder in order for them to speed up productivity and maximize their profits. Just threatening to whip a slave was commonly used as a method of bullying. The amount of offenses a slave executed determined the number of lashes they would receive. (2014) It’s clear that slave owners saw whipping as a way to scare their slaves, and to keep them in their place. Keeping in mind that whipping was a punishment, masters at times abused their power and…show more content…
This necessarily wasn’t a good thing to be called. An article from Georgia Encyclopedia says that cracker was an insulting term called to those of southern Georgia, because of the cheaper less effect way they produced corn. It’s just as degrading as calling whites rednecks that live in rural areas and conditions.(2012) If someone were to be called a “cracker” today it would be considered racist. During slavery being called cracker was both positive and negative. In a slave sense, it was more represented as a master of whipping, but coming from other whites it was extremely

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