Summary Of Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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“You are one-in-a-million girl.” Aghleigh has a divorced family. She has a father that is a big dreamer and a mother that's as straight as a board. But her dad is going down with his finances. Aghleigh stole her mother's money because her father loves her, her dad believes in her, and her father has a plan to get his life back on track. First off, the text Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer shows the reader they can infer that her dad really loves his daughter. “It felt like every time i saw my father, the sun cast just a little more warmth than it had the day before.” (Pfeffer 1) this shows the reader that she spends a lot of time with her father. This also shows how her dad loves her, “and the moon always shone as bright as the sun had and the winter stars looked joyful and beckoning.”(Pfeffer 1) by showing her dad is really nice and a happy man that also does not like to do the wrong things. This shows the reader that he dose things with his daughter and loves to spend time with her (Pfeffer 1)”But then Dad gave me roses or snag a song he’d written for me.”…show more content…
But one good dream is worth a thousand flashlight batteries. ”(Pfeffer 1) The reader can deduce that Aghleigh’s father really believes is her because, this quote shows that her dreamin is better than being prepared. “...he’d told me to be an astronaut...CEO of a fortune 500 company...”(Pfeffer 2)It shows she has a dad of a divorced family, he wants his daughter to have a better life than he did. Her father really thinks she is one of a kind and that she must have a better life than he did .(Pfeffer 2) “You’re one-in-a-million girl.” He is still showing that he wants his daughter to have a better life than he

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