Napoleon Bonaparte Hero Essay

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What is a hero? “A hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities” (Merriam-Webster). Napoleon Bonaparte, also known as Napoleon I is considered the hero that brought peace to France after its revolution. He was a strong military leader and more important known as the emperor of France. Napoleon Bonaparte became an important figure and the hero of France because he was a victorious general, the person that brought peace to France and a gifted leader. Napoleon was a hero because he started from nothing, from a not wealthy family, to become the absolute ruler. During his career he was a victorious general, who won mostly every battle that he fought. The first battle that Napoleon commanded as a major general and won…show more content…
By using this code and other rules Napoleon found the way to make everyone happy, so that there won’t be any more revolution and France will be in peace. For example for the peasants he made sure that they could keep their lands by destroying feudalism and they didn’t need to pay tithes to the church, for the nobles because they didn’t have any more special privilege he offer them titles so that they don’t think they are the same as the other people, and for the rest of the people he created something very good called the Legion of Honour where Napoleon tried reward all the talented and hardworking people for their work. The Legion of Hounor will improve France a lot because the people will try to work harder to receive this title and it will make a lot of people in France have higher expectative. He also improves France fiscally by restoring it from the massive destruction of the revolution to make it beautiful as how it is right now. All this shows how a good leader Napoleon was and how he could improve France from every part of

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