A Rose For Emily Literary Analysis

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This story takes place in a small southern town in the year 1894. The genre is a Southern Gothic, it can be seen through the focus on death and Emily’s delusions about holding on to those she loves. The theme of accepting death is central to understanding William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”. With the use of setting, symbolism, characters and point of view, Faulkner help to point toward this theme. “A Rose for Emily” is divided into five parts. It takes place in a small southern town. This story is divided into five different parts. It is written in third person, and is unique because the story is told through the town’s point of view. “A Rose for Emily” begins with the present and then flashes back to her past. The story opens with the funeral for Emily Grierson at her home and comes full circle by ending at Emily’s home. In part one, the entire town is gathered in Emily’s home, given to her after the death of her father, for her funeral. Many women in the town admit they are there mostly out of curiosity. The story the flashes back 30 years prior to Emily’s death. Emily was a very beautiful young women, who has many suitors. Her father, however chases them all away. When her father dies the town pities her and attempts to comfort her, Emily denies her father’s death and refuses to allow the towns men to…show more content…
Emily’s entire home symbolizes death. Through its horrible stench, the old moldy pillows and layers of dust. Here in this line it emphasizes the death like feel in the room with the dusty feel, how became inextricable from the bed. Faulkner uses these descriptive words to emphasize just how long Emily has been keeping him there, showing her inability to move on from the death of loved one and let
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