A Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike's Advertisement

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A person looking through a magazine, watching tv, or even driving in a car on the highway will see it. Advertisment is in most places people go and it tries to capture a persons attentention. When looking at an advertisement a person will see that it is trying to covince you to buy or use that product. It is trying to persuade a person and it will go as far as trying to connect with people using emotions or using a person that other people could rely on including celebritites. Occasionally the advertisement may not be so convincing to a person the way it was presented and did not connect well with people. The Nike advertisement uses pathos or the emotion of pride and courage and this works because it is connecting with people that work hard for what they want and it is not just given. In this Nike advertisement a person will see a young female promoting a pair of Nike shoes. She is in work out attire with a tank top, a pair of spandex shorts, and her hair tied up in a pony tail. The female is in an ordinary room with a big, bright window behind her with two green chairs infront of the window. There is a plant on the side of the room and posters on the white walls all over the room. The young female is in a plank…show more content…
A lot af advertisement is not always effective to a personbecause of typical use. For instance in work out advertisement you see a great deal of models that look picture perfect without sweat or dirt on the person. In reality when working out it is a struggle when working hard. This Nike Advertisement is showing lots of emotion from the female. She is struggling in the picture and showing it is not easy but she can get through it. The message is, working out and exercise is going to be hard, but with effort a person can get through it. The advertisement is promoting the shoes while inspiring people to be healthy and work out or

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