Who Is Adelina's Power In The Young Elite

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have powers as dark and mischievous as the devil? (Simile). Adelina, in the book The Young Elites by Marie Lu, knows the feeling of having darkness in ones sole. Adelina has been a Malfetto ever since she has got the blood fever when she was a child. Some Malfettos have special powers; they are called the young elites. Adelina eventually joins them after an incident with her father. She grows close with Raffaele and Enzo. Enzo was the long lost prince for the crown. Adelina learns more about her powers, and eventually gets threatened by Teren, one of the queen’s helpers. Enzo later on challenges Teren to a duel, but Enzo ends up getting kills in the process. Now Adelina has lost the love she felt for Enzo and has been banished from the young elites. In this journal I will…show more content…
“Then he pulls his blade out. Enzo collapses to the ground” (Lu 322). This happens after Teren and Enzo duel each other for the life of Raffaele. Enzo ends up dying in the aftermath. Teren is ardent that Enzo is no longer in the picture. Now Enzo lies on the ground in a disheveled pile. This setting is important because it is a downfall for the book, and it happens just as the book is ending too. Enzo is now dead and Adelina is not protected in the elites anymore. Adelina is crestfallen by the elites, and is forced to leave. She is as scared as a kid starting high school (simile). Adelina has just lost the love of her life, and now she is being forced to go out into the world on her own. This is because the others have grown scared of her, and do not trust her powers anymore. The elites think that she will hurt them. The only friend that Adelina has left now is her sister, Violetta, whom she saved earlier before Enzo died. This setting is important because it is where Enzo died, and where this new, twisted form of Adelina starts to grow. The darkness starts to empower

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