Personal Narrative Essay: A Night On Halloween

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One night on halloween there was a teenage girl her name was emma and emma's mom and dad wanted her to go trick or treating with the whole family but emma said no. So her parents left her home alone and they went trick or treating so they left and she started to hear weird noises downstairs so emma decided to go down stairs. To see if there was anything down there so she went and peeked down the stairs and saw this creepy shadow and so then she quietly walked back upstairs. And locked herself in her room and called her dad and said dad i'm scared I was hearing noises downstairs so I peeked down there and saw a shadow of like a person. So her dad said well we're like 5 blocks away but we'll start to head back so Emma was all alone at the house and she got a call from a number she didn't recognize. So she answered it and all you could hear was just deep breathing so she just hung the phone up so then she laid her head back on her bed. Then she heard something under her bed so…show more content…
So she hung up the phone and then started to hear footsteps walk up stairs and then she heard her bedroom open and so she tried to not make a peep and then she heard it leave and shut the door so she and she was freaking out but her family came home and she sprinted down stairs and hugged them so tight she was so happy she was home so she told her dad what happened and he went with her to go see if there was anybody up stairs and he looked down the hall and he saw a weird dark black figure so he started to get a little scared and he looked away to get his phone out of his pocket and that figure got closer he looked away again and it got closer and then his wife and his daughter heard a scream and they ran up stairs and the father's eyes rolled back and he started to act really weird like something was controlling

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