William Wallace As An Epic Hero In The Film Braveheart

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The movie Braveheart has many people in it that want to be heroes, but there is only one and his name is William Wallace. In the movie Braveheart it shows how William Wallace is an Anglo-Saxon hero and an Epic hero. In general all William Wallace wanted was to be left alone by people he just wanted to live a nice and simple life, until he got married without anyone knowing and a guard found out and tried to rape, Williams wife so then he tries to stop them and flees thinking she got away safely. But they caught her and the main knight killed her by slitting her throat, that's when our tale of a hero begins. There are four criterias for being an Anglo-Saxon hero, which the criterias are being Brave, being loyal, being Generous, and having…show more content…
First we will start off with Bravery, William Wallace shows how brave he is when he comes back after realizing that his beloved has not escaped then finds out she is dead and William Wallace goes to where the small army is based at in his town and fights every single one of them and ends up killing Sheriff William Heselrig, because he is the one who killed William Wallace’s wife . Another instance in which he shows bravery is when goes to war all the times that he did. Then there is loyalty, William Wallace showed countless times in this movie that he is loyal. He first shows his loyalty when him and the would be king of scotland he tells him that he will follow the king to battle, if the king would step up. Another is when the would be king and his nobles betrayed William Wallace, William Wallace because he thought that the would be king wanted group the army with the nobles so he was being loyal to the king's call but then the head nobleman got William Wallace caught. Then there is the ending where William Wallace is being executed in a way he never says he committed a crime which I consider being loyal to his country by not giving up. Being Generous is the next one which in this movie William Wallace shows how Generous he is when he kept him and his wife’s wedding a secret so the Englishman couldn’t use premae noctis( Braveheart). Friendship is the final

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