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Nowadays, shipping industry is one of the most vital industries due to high of income (SHERSTOBITOV, 2015). Therefore, most of the countries compete to develop their shipping industry, in order to attract more shipping lines to make business with them. Today, 90% of international trade is done through shipping (Pegg, 2013). However, the large usage of ships for international trade it also increased perils that occurred. There are several types of perils that normally happen in shipping industry, such as perils of the seas, fire, war perils, pirates, thieves, captures, seizures, restraints, detainments of princes and peoples, jettison, barratry and any other perils. In this writing, it will explain more about the perils of the seas. So, what is perils of the seas? According to Justice Bramwell in “Hamilton Fraser”, any sea damage that occurred at sea without a party to be blame is a peril of the sea. For instance, collision, storm, iceberg, and so on. Basically, peril of the sea can be divided into two elements. That is, “fortuitous” and “of the sea”. Fortuitous explain about damage or loss that happen accidentally, could not be foreseen, not an ordinary action of winds and waves and do not consist…show more content…
Since, heavy storms are not a natural situation that always happened on the sea and cannot be foreseen. In addition, the heavy storm is occurred on the sea, so this type of accident is considered as peril of the sea. However, not every accident that happened on the sea considered as perils of the sea, for instance natural and inevitable action of waves and winds. In this circumstance, the action of waves and winds is not considered as perils of the sea. The action of waves and winds is normal weather that will arise on the sea. Clearly, in 1887, writing in Xantho, Justice Herschell wrote that. Perils of the sea are, casualty which cannot be expected by anyone and happen during the sea

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